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Replica Omega Seamaster-007 (James·Bond)

Replica Omega Seamaster-007 (James·Bond)

As we all know, there are many series of replica watches under the replica Omega brand, mainly seamaster and speedmaster.With the 007 series of movies, seamaster is popular all over the world. The new movie "007:No Time to Die" will be released on November this year.
Since 1995, 007 movies have used replica Omega Seamaster watches. In the following years, Omega replica successively launched the "Commander" limited edition, "Queen's Secret Envoy" limited edition, etc. Today we are going to introduce the 007 limited edition modeled on the replica seamaster AT (aqua terra)——the "James Bond" limited edition.
Omega 007 replica limited edition is based on the most basic seamaster as a prototype, adding some special design of 007, the overall change of the watch is very small. For example, in the early years, replica Omega only used the 007 logo on the end of the second hand on the basic version of the seamaster, or the 007 logo on the time scale. But in later years, Omega made comprehensive changes to the limited edition of 007, including adjustments on the disc surface, bottom cover, movement and other parts, in contrast to the basic version of the seamaster, which can be seen at a glance Brand new seamaster 007.

The Biggest Highlight Of The Replica "James Bond" Seamaster——Dial

The "James Bond" replica limited edition seamaster watch face is engraved with the James Bond shield logo. This logo was selected by replica omega from the James Bond family coat of arms. Further, the patterns of the sheild were connected in twos to cover the dial surface of the replica watch to form the dial of the "James Bond" limited edition seamaster watch. The shield pattern on the disk is carved by laser, and the pattern has deep and shallow layers. The dial of the entire watch is blue, and the shield pattern in the dial is not obvious when the sunlight is direct. However, under a certain angle of light, the shield on the dial of the watch will immediately appear, and the entire watch looks very beautiful.
In order to match the shield on the blue dial, the watch is decorated in yellow. The second hand, digital scale, and dial printing of the watch are all yellow. It is worth mentioning that the yellow second hand feels like Omega "Bumblebee". There is also a replica 007 James Bond shield logo on the yellow second hand, which is very eye-catching, and the shield on the second hand is also luminous, which is convenient for users to check time.

"James Bond" Seamaster Replica Accessories

 Omega "James Bond" limited edition seamaster replica accessories are very abundant. The whole replica watch is equipped with two straps, a belt (the outer side of the belt is canvas and the inner side is leather), a steel chain, and both straps use folding buckles. In the "James Bond" limited edition seamaster set, there is also a magnifying glass with the 007 logo.

If you are a movie fan of 007, you will not be willing to miss this replica "James Bond" seamaster watch. If you still have questions about the "James Bond" seamaster replica, please contact us immediately https://www.replica-magic.to. Glad to serve you and may you have a happy life.

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